teenage couple

Adolescence requires the patience and trust of parents, who have the task of guiding and giving adolescents the support they need, in order to foster and enhance their self-esteem, even if this is not easy, because of their own rebellion implicit in adolescence.

Fostering this self-knowledge and self-esteem is a key aspect of the psychological well-being of anyone, and even more so in adolescence. Some materials, books, films and documentaries can help and help your children strengthen their self-esteem, and gain self-confidence in a healthy way.

Do teenagers read self-help books?

Most self-help books are written by adults and designed for ditto, which are also often close to them in times of crisis. However, some and some psychology and self-help professionals have specialized in adolescence and have written books to be read by adolescents. This does not mean that they are also accessible to fathers and mothers, and it helps them to better understand the steps that their children are taking towards youth.

Teenagers have their own way of speaking, so it is advisable that they approach books with a communication style suitable to them. This is very well known to the authors, whether Spanish or foreign, and is that adolescence is a global phenomenon, although with different characteristics in each culture.

Surely in the recommendations we give you some, but the important thing is that the teenager approach the reading of these self-help books, for their self-knowledge, and reflection. And remember that we should advise and propose in a minimally invasive way. That’s what we always recommend to mothers.

Books that promote the self-estesma of foreign authors

One of the classics among the books recommended for teenagers is: The 6 most important decisions of your life, by British Sean Covey. This book focuses on addressing those key adolescent decisions. The author treats what he considers the 6 key points that any adolescent boy or girl faces and teaches them to make the most intelligent decisions. Tell real life stories to show how to succeed in institute, how to make good friends.

In the same line is The 7 Habits of highly effective adolescents, from the same author, in which there are fun vignettes to make it more attractive. Use quotes, real stories and funny anecdotes. It is a guide to strengthening the adolescent’s personality in such important areas as body image, friendships, intimate relationships, goal setting, group pressure, internet safety and others.

Very interesting is the subtle art that (almost everything) you don’t give a damn, by Mark Manson. It does a rigorous and enjoyable analysis about overcoming and the feeling that you are not good enough. It is highly recommended for those teenagers who impose high standards. The interesting thing about the book is that it changes the focus of self-improvement. It is a very interesting guide to the construction and improvement of self-love.

National authors promoting adolescent self-esteem

We have made a section for books published by Spanish authors, because they have a closer reference to what your children may be living. Direct message in Espabila chaval:How not to suspend and use your time in the school,by Pablo Poo. His name will ring to you because his Youtube channel is one of the most often. With a direct language and very adapted to the youngest, it invites and motivates them to study and strive.

Psychopedagogue writer Antoni Bolinches wrote The secret of self-esteem, thinking about everyone, but especially teenagers. The main focus is that life is to enjoy the good times and learn from the bad ones. It lays the foundation for a new theory of security.

The little book for my teenage kids. By Josep López Romero, it is written in a very orderly manner and with very clear reflections for teenagers. They are like a compass on different topics, including humor or thanks among others.