Vestir en el embarazo

Embarazadas con estilo

Dress up in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is transformed. Not only will the tummy grow as the baby grows, the breast will increase its size from the first trimester. Hips appear where they were not before, and poor circulation provokes swelling in the feet and legs.

That is why it is important to take certain precautions when dressing in pregnancy, it is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also health. Avoid wearing very tight garments, as circulation becomes difficult during pregnancy. Try not to use synthetic fabrics, cotton is always best.

Today women are in luck, as many current fashion firms, have section for pregnant women. A few years ago you had to go to specialized shops, much more expensive and fashionable for pregnant women very classic. With a few simple tricks, you will dress well during your pregnancy, feeling comfortable and without losing your essence.

Tips for dressing in pregnancy

  1. Underwear: It’s probably the first thing you’ll have to invest in, since the first trimester your chest increases by about two sizes. So the sooner you buy nursing bras, the more comfortable you will be and take advantage of them. Get at least a couple of them. They are made of a soft fabric like cotton and without metallic rings. They’re not as sexy as lingerie, but comfort is what’s important here. In addition, if you plan to breast-feed, they will be very useful to you for a long time. As for the panties, your body will change, therefore your needs in terms of this garment too. Your hips will widen and your belly will grow. Therefore, you will soon stop feeling comfortable with your underwear. Find the ones that can best adapt to your body and your tastes.
  2. Sujetador de lactancia

    Breastfeeding bra

  3. Pants & Maternity Leggings: Along with the underwear, it’s the first thing you’ll need. It is important that you do not wear anything that tightens your waist. Look for a pair of maternity leggings in basic colors. One pair in black and others in gray or navy will suffice. So you don’t always look the same, also buy some jeans or maternity pants. You will be great throughout your pregnancy and in the first postpartum months.
  4. Basic T-Shirts: You don’t need to buy many clothes that will not serve you later. It will be enough that you have basics that you can combine with other more special garments. Look for simple cut T-shirts in various colors. Buy larger sizes, so that they cover your tummy well as its size increases.
  5. Kimonos:The star garment that will give the special touch to your pregnant look. They are also trend, and as they usually come in one size they will serve you perfectly once you give birth. They will be perfect whether you wear jean or leggin trousers. In addition, changing the footwear will give a more casual or more elegant touch to your style.
  6. Kimono para embarazadas

    Kimonos to wear during pregnancy

  7. Dresses and skirts: Pencil skirts are worn in stretch fabrics, they will be perfect if you combine them with a basic T-shirt and a kimono. Ribbed dresses in tight fabrics are also fashionable. If you want to give it a different touch, combine it with an open shirt with the back sleeves. You will have a current look without sacrificing comfort.

An extra tip

  • As for footwear, the most important thing is comfort. As the weeks pass you will notice that your shoes are getting small. It will be time to buy comfortable canvas sneakers.

And most importantly, don’t give up looking pretty in your pregnancy. It is inevitable to undergo physical changes, but these changes only make you look more beautiful. Take advantage of these moments to enjoy your new silhouette. Proudly wear your belly.

Pregnancy is a precious stage that you will not always live. Enjoy your new image during these months.