simbolo de diabetes

World DiabetesDay, November 14, was created to focus on this disease that affects both adults and children. Menus for diabetic children are the same diet as children who do not have this disease, although there are some important differences to consider.

These differences are not only the ban on taking sweets, as previously thought, but also affect schedules, food preferences, and amounts of food. With this article we will help you to prepare 5 different and fun menus so that diabetic children do not get bored with eating, always the same; and you prepare it.

Basic ideas for diabetic children’s menus

menús niños diabéticos

We have taken these tips from the Diabetes Foundation that have a specialized guide in children’s menus for diabetic boys and girls. One of the tips they give you is that children with this disease should eat foods that help regulate blood sugar levels, and do it in 5 or 6 meals a day.

Diabetic children’s nutritional needs are the same as those of other children, so a healthy diet rich in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and relatively low in fat is advised. It is important to make the right order in the distribution of food, but these and other guidelines will be given to you by the nutritionist for your child especially.

Food labeling will help you know the composition of food. But watch! With sweetened foods, the total amount of carbohydrates in the food should always be assessed and not the presence or absence of sugars. Phrases of the type: no sugar or low sugar content, can create confusion. Although the food does not contain sugars, it may have other carbohydrates, such as starch in a cookie.

Menu ideas for diabetic children

We want to show you different ways to prepare a full menu in a more entertaining way. They are easy menus, with recipes that your son or daughter can help you, and that will prevent sugar from getting up, as they are low-carbohydrate dishes.

Before you start eating leave on the table a rich natural fruit juice, except watermelon and melon, so you will establish the habit of taking fructose before the main dishes. You can start with a quinoa with vegetables. Even though there are children who say no to vegetables by system, you can make them eat it preparing it on skewers, grilled. If you choose the color scheme well it will turn out much more attractive. On the tip of the skewer you can put an olive, as a stopper. And to cook quinoa, you can add food dye, paprika, or turmeric, so that it has a more striking color.

Another easy and recommended dish is peas or green beans with ham with fried egg who can resist? The presence of legumes provides numerous vitamins and minerals, you can also accompany them with roasted potatoes, cooked or mashed potatoes. Drawing in the puree a sun, or a flower with oil or the child’s favorite sauce is an incentive to eat.

A few recipes with imagination

Kids have a hard time eating fish. Many complain about thorns and white fish are usually not very tasty. A grilled tuna tenderloin, choco meatballs, salmon croquettes, are options for which there is no argument against.

French omelettes are a very resorted option for dinners. Keep an eye on not having eaten egg at noon. If you want to make them more fun, fill them with ham, cheese, tomato, and all together you make a roll. For the most daring can be stuffed with ratatatatatouille, marinated loin, grilled chicken or turkey, sausages, mushrooms…

For snacks and breakfasts for diabetic children in addition to cow’s milk, you will find other food options on the market. Almond milk is especially good for children with diabetes. All of them combine great with fruit, like smoothies.