Educational games for older children

Older children, aged 8-10, increasingly want to spend less time playing and creating with parents. They are becoming more independent and like to play freely, especially if they feel that the activity is more to learn than to play. Therefore, it is very important to look for educational activities and games with which older children can continue to learn, but in a fun way that involves quality time in the family.

Generally, at these ages it is more difficult to find activities to share with the family. For this reason and to make it easier for you to organize and plan educational games with children, we bring you this selection of activities to do at home. Something essential in these times, as the current health situation requires spending a lot of time at home.

Educational games for older children

There are countless activities that you can do with older children, educational games that are both interesting and fun. In this case, instead of using children’s materials, you can use the tasks of the elderly to create interest and attention in them. Here are some ideas that will inspire you, but remember that even asking children to help you make the purchase is an educational job for them.

Learn to cook

Helping children grow up is one of the most important tasks for parents. Although it is often overlooked, it is very important for children to learn tasks such as cooking, properly neating or road education, to name just a few. Learning to cook is a very important thing for their autonomy, because they will not only learn to handle food, but also learn to feed properly. In the link we give you some tips to teach children how to cook.

Planting an orchard

Creating a small vegetable garden is a simple and fun way to make children acquire certain obligations and commitments. If they themselves have the possibility to learn to create their own vegetable garden, choosing the seeds they want to plant, even doing it themselves, touching the earth and watching how their plants grow, they will be able to commit to such work. They themselves will remember to water their plants and see how they grow and develop is quite an experience for them.

Write a story

One of the most special educational games for older children they can do is, learn how to create their own stories. A few children are attracted to reading because it is usually parents, mothers and educators who have to instill this task in children. But it’s not the same thing to have to read by obligation, than reading something that you like and motivates you.

So that children gradually acquire the habit of reading, what better way to teach them to create their own stories that later they can read as many times as they want. In this link you will find all the necessary information and tips so that you can create their stories with your children from scratch. From the choice of characters, to illustrations or binding.

Create your own games at home

In the market you can buy countless games, board, building, by ages, the options are endless. But it is not necessary to buy games for children to learn and be entertained. Creating your own games itself is already a perfect educational activity to develop your skills. In addition, they will be able to have unique and different games, designed and created by themselves.

With recycled materials you can help your children build fun games such as a garage for cars, a racing circuit, a model of trains, a dollhouse and all its furniture and decorations, a kitchen to play, a supermarket to sell food and learn how to count. The options are as wide as children’s imagination, sit with your children, expose the idea of creating a game together and ideas will start to sprout in a few minutes.