Attractions about monkeys

On December 14 World Monkey Day was celebrated and that is why today we analyze the thanks of this beautiful animal with 10 curiosities of monkeys to tell children.

Monkeys have always been one of the most important attractions of zoos. Not only are they nice animals but very funny and intelligent creatures. There are many things you may not know about monkeys and your kids would like to know. Do you want to know some interesting things about monkeys? Come and discover them.

Monkeys and emotions

There are hundreds of things that monkeys can do daily, they are super smart animals with great skills. But the list would be infinite if in this post we dedicated ourselves to listing your thanks one by one. That’s why today we will address 10 curiosities about monkeys to tell the children. Maybe the most fun, strange things or those facts that will surprise you.

Did you know that chimpanzees have a 96% genetic similarity to humans? That is why there are so many cases of chimpanzee babies raised by humans that adopt their mothers and repeat actions as if they were human. Now it is possible to understand the reason. Other curiosities about monkeys? Okay, let’s continue.

We were talking about shared genetics… maybe that’s why monkeys can comprehend written numbers and even understand simple notions of elemental arithmetic. And another of the great curiosities about monkeys to tell children is one that I find super special: monkeys have emotions similar to humans. Did you see two monkeys kissing in the mouth?

Of course, this is a common thing and is that monkeys not only kiss but also play, get depressed and bored, among other feelings. A range of sensations that, now we know, are not the exclusive heritage of human beings. Monkeys can express love through hugs and claps and it is even common for them to tickle.

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But that’s not all, another feature of the most amazing monkeys is that they can perform facial gestures as much as we do. The University of Portmouth analyzed creatures in Zambia to conclude that monkeys can perform countless facial gestures and can express themselves without sound.

Another interesting thing about monkeys is boredom. Unlike other animals, monkeys record boredom and that is why they are looking to play games at all times. In this way, they entertain and connect with each other, something that is also very interesting for us, that we can enjoy them watching them play.

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Let’s continue with the 10 curiosities of the monkeys to tell the children. Do you know there are two big groups of monkeys? On the one hand, there are the monkeys of the Old World, which inhabit Africa and Asia, and on the other the New World monkeys, who live in America.

The first monkeys inhabited the world 40 million years ago in what is today the African continent. Today there are 260 species of monkeys. Do not forget these interesting facts about monkeys to tell your children because then they will know that in addition to gorillas and chimpanzees there are a variety of species.

And two last interesting things about monkeys that make me feel: there are some species that can communicate better than others. In the case of pygmy monkeys, they can say that “no” by moving your head sideways. Something they usually do when they want to give an indication to their young.

There is something else, and that is that monkeys can die of love. Yeah, that’s it. At least in the case of chimpanzees, they can get depressed if a very close monkey dies to death of sadness. It happens sometimes when their mothers die.